Research and Analysis

Sage staff has expertise in policy and economic analysis, project management, survey design and management, data collection, and research support services. We have worked with clients to complement their socioeconomic research efforts, as well as provide survey support. We have the expertise and experience of working on large databases to provide critical information needed for effective policy decisions. Sage has provided project management services and managed research projects, grants and clinical trials. Our staff has been responsible for coordinating the research and dissemination of information from several institutions, staff and physicians.

Sage provides expertise and experience in survey design and administration, compliance with OMB requirements under the Paperwork Reduction Act, data collection and coding, information management, and programming to support government and trade association program management and analysis, expert testimony, and corporate self-assessment projects.

We offer the following services to our clients:



Sage has developed comprehensive guidelines for data collection and the staff follows strict guidelines for ensuring the quality of the data. Our experienced staff ensures that all surveys are completed following strict survey methodology as approved by the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the International Association of Survey Statisticians. Sage designs and conducts complex survey research projects to evaluate public policy and programs and to provide statistical information to support decision-making in both private and government sectors.

What Do We Do?

  • Skilled consultation with clients
  • OMB packages and compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act
  • Project and sample design, including complex designs and weighting
  • Questionnaire development and pretesting
  • Qualitative research, including focus groups and interviewing
  • Fully customizable Web-based survey instruments
  • Web-based applications and tracking tools
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of databases
  • Dataset creation and programming in SAS
  • GIS and other digital measurement applications


Data Analysis

Sage excels at conducting advanced statistical and economic analysis. We have qualified statisticians who have extensive experience preparing data reports and analyzing the data using standard survey analysis methodology. Our staff performs analysis based on the needs of the clients and has an established track record of providing high quality, timely and cost effective research and analysis.
Sage staff has the expertise and experience of working on large databases to provide critical information needed for effective research leading to policy decisions. We have the experience of working with complex databases from various branches of the Government.


Usability Analysis

Sage is experienced in user-centered interaction design to evaluate websites. We have performed usability testing, surveys and customer feedback for websites. We have planned and used focus group feedback where web site prototypes have been shown to different type of users and Sage staff observed the interaction to understand user friendliness of layout and navigation. Sage staff also has expertise in utilizing tools such as Google Analytics and Piwik to gain understanding of user behavior and information paths on websites.